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"Hello Adona.

Thank you truly for all this information.  It will take a few reads for this to really sink in.  I did have dreams about visiting biospheres and being a part of team researching mathematics and now it makes sense. 
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I discover Reiki last year and took my first degree in this amazing healing technique. That day was probably one of the greatest 
day[s] I had in Dubai and my heart was filled with love and gratitude.
"...Hey Adona! Thanx for the report. Are your sure she pulled the correct record on me :-) I don't work in the city. I hate it like u wouldn't believe. I live in a small town outside of it. I work for a construction company and am very good with my hands. I'm far from ever being in a corporate setting or office I wouldn't mind it though... I do want to move further up into the country because I can't deal with people for what there doing to this planet and the animals. It's killing me quite honestly. If I were rich I would by a lot of land to keep it as is. I like a frame tall ceiling houses. I have two cats which are awesome! I have envisioned myself with a dog next to me in my old age that's for sure. My mission... what I thought I was here for was to raise the vibration of this planet and help manifest a world that no one needs to worry about anything, who knows .....I do know that I'm being watched contacted seeing. 

Things that are amazing, it started in 2012 a pulsating ship was just sitting in sky, low, not moving, going on and off. That was the beginning. I've been seeing them since then on and off. I saw a huge lightship go straight down into the earth, not up. 'Think Star Trek when it takes off for light speed, it did the same,and there are alotttt more I've seen disappearing and reappearing etc. Also when I use a infra red camera there's a lot of orbs around me, it's crazy.

Hello again Adona"!

Seems I've been guided your way yet again. I was on the deck looking up at the stars thinking... what the hell am I really supposed to be doing here, what's my mission, I can't remember ........ then your name popped into my mind, then a light ship appeared and flew for a minute then faded out. Then another flashed, then another, then my neighbors lights when on and off twice. Mind u it was 3a.m. 

So I looked at your site and lo and behold you supply a new service what is your mission. I haven't been on your site since my full report when you first started. I was shocked. I see you're a busy women theses days👍👽 .  Payment has been made.

Thanx Adona.
'Looking forward to the report.  ~ Al.

"Dear Adona,

Thank you for getting my report to me so quickly!! I just want to give you a brief reply to let you know that I am very happy to receive my report!

I am experiencing an intense energetic response to the details of my report and especially my name. I always knew that one my specialties is connected to stargate keys and codes, and this is a significant confirmation for me.

I also always felt that I was living aboard a large mothership, to which I would return. I also resonate with the physical description you have given, as I have seen myself with blue skin.

I would like you to also know - my friends and I, who have received our star ancestry reports, have been enthusiastically discussing it amongst ourselves and feel it is putting many pieces together for us! The five of us who ordered our reports - we are astounded by the accuracy of the reports, especially in regard to our official status that indicate our roles and abilities.  The information continues to unfold in understanding for us!

Thank you for helping me confirm and for providing some critical pieces for me, as I continue to reconnect with my origins and memories. This is of great comfort to me, and I will continue to tune into the information.

Thank you for your tremendous service.

With immense gratitude,"

~ Jenny , Singapore

"Hi all.

I was one of Adona's 500+ reports. It was truly outstanding and clarified so much for me.  'Things' and similarities that nobody on this planet would have known about me.  This report connected me to my past history and lineage.  It gave me a spiritual kick-in-the-butt that I badly needed. Anyway...I highly recommend you getting this.  I paid for the Premium version which cost [me] $145.  [It is now  $165.]  

It was the best money I have ever invested in myself. 

Thanks and enjoy the rest of your journey.

One Love - Rex"

"Dear Adona,

Thank You so much for your quick report of my star lineage you did some weeks ago.

I have integrated all your information with pleasure and it makes me happy to feel now that I am « Complete ».  I am more accurately conscious of my Multidimensional Being.

All what you described about my Home Constellation, my Home Star System, my Home Planet, the major location of my spirit essence and my soul in the Biosphere Viera and many other details make really sense for me.

Now, I fully understand all my process of awakening and telepathic multidimensional communications I’ve lived consciously since 2013!

Today I’m more deeply connected with the multiverse and I love it!

One year ago, during my QHHT session, my Higherself communicated to me that my star family couldn’t directly take contact with me but that I had to find people here on Earth who could help me because, some of them, like you, have the ability and the knowledge to initiate the process.

You did it ! Thanks a lot to you for having helping me to reconnect my Galactic Family!

The day I received your report, after reading it during the afternoon, I was attracted to watch the sky through the window of my study and guess what…. I felt an induction in my head and saw a Big Flashing Light in the sky !!! It was a sign of my Cosmic Friends and Family! This was really amazing !

Thank You so much Adona for your Fabulous Service!

Much Love to You!

~  Pierre from Belgium - City of Halle"

"Dearest Ms. Adona,

Thank you for sending the chart so soon. I read it over and over again and look for the additional information that you have sent.

I went to the website from Yvonne Perry and order the books.

In my younger years I study the book 'The Orion Mysteries' because I had felt some connection, so I Am glad that it make sense now.

It is difficult for me to be grounded here but i will do my best and continue to assist others in need for help.

There is so much I like to share and asked... but i think is more a wish to communicate whit someone or others who know more about our real home.
I see that I have a lot to understand from this planet, but I will do my best .

Thank you for your special work on this planet to help us to remind us and show us our way back home.

I am very grateful and hope my friend MER will connect with you for a chart.

Love and Blessings,

~ Lilien, Holland"


We are thrilled with the information that you have given to us. Alicia and I had met a light worker several years ago who after meeting us said that Alicia was a Pleidian, and I an Andromedan.  That resonated with us, but that was the extent of the information that we had.   Your gifts are awesome!

Is it possible to add to our reports and upgrade them to the next level?   How much would that be?   We are so blessed to be incarnated here on Gaia at this amazing time.

The work you do is so important for those of us waking up to the realization of what is taking place right now.

Thank you! Thank you!

~ Matt & Alicia"
Since last year my life changed dramatically and I found my life purpose...
and will continue to learn about healing and help others.  So, what you wrote makes perfect sense to me!

Much much love to you as well !
All the best,”

~ Sofia from Italy, in Dubai
"Adona,  Thank you so much!  I couldn’t start my day in a better way.  I was reading [my Earth Mission Report] and crying at the same time as much of what you wrote makes perfect sense to me!  Thank you so much and as I was reading the other testimonials I could see the huge work you do and the great help that you are for many human beings.
Thank you for doing this work and helping people connect with their higher selves and families. Have a great night and Happy Holidays." 

~ N. Michigan