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** Beginning the first week of April 2020 ~ I will formally begin occasional posts, as so initiated and suggested by Azar and my other Andromeda Council contact people.  I hope you will find these informative, interesting and enlightening.**
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April 19, 2020

My Personal Life's Changes from January 2020 to Present

Hi, Star Ancestry family!  😊

How have you been, my earth brothers and sisters from the stars? I sincerely hope that each of you are well, safe and at peace within your own homes at this moment in time. I want to share with you what I had experienced since January 2020. I hope that this message will give you the encouragement and love. During this time period, each of you can make a huge different toward your neighbors, friends, family and humanity of people that you do not even know now. By reaching out to each other within the community and beyond, each of you are affecting the positive changes during this moment of challenge. It is part of our greatest lessons in life, spending time with each other with love, healing, sharing what you have with each other and forgiveness of the past, present and future life experiences to create a fresh new start in life. With no further ado, let me share with you the recent life experiences below.

Interesting, how my spirit guides’ directing me in perfect timing before the C-19 kicked in. January 2020, my star people said that it was time that I start searching for my home in the hills. I left Alvin, Texas and drove up to Abilene area. There were 3 signs that happened.

1.First sign:  I found myself in an Airbnb in Merkel that happens to be a healing light center. The couple, Diane and Richard, was guided to move to Texas from Montana to start a healing center. This is where we shared knowledge and wisdom with each other. In knowing that this place existed, I can guide people who lives nearby to this awake and aware healing light center.

2.Second sign:  Then, I was instructed to look for an Airbnb in the Kerrville region. Uncle T, my Dakote spirit guide, said, "Pick the expensive Buffalo Lodge room for $45.00 a night."  He was adamant that I stay here. It turns out that Carol, owner of Buffalo Lodge, has a 9-year-old tatanka, Billy in her pasture.

3.Third sign:  Carol and her husband took me 11 miles north of Bandera to Camp Verde General Store and Restaurant for lunch. We stopped a quarter of mile before we get to Camp Verde. We saw 2 white tatankas and took the pictures. Wow! 

Carol introduced me to her long-time friend, Diana and her partner, David. They were also awake and aware people. They were real estate people who helped me find my ideal 3/2 home. They drove me to Lake Medina to see several houses. Finally, PJ (my son), Jodee (my youngest daughter) and Tolec, individually picked the same house without each other knowing about the same pick of home. When it comes to 3 signs, I paid attention!

Carol suggested that I do Star Ancestry readings and art/craft work at the owner’s shop. I cannot remember her name but she has seen all of my arts/crafts including the Native American inspired staffs. She even asked me if I can teach art classes. Of course, I was honor to be of service to teach the art classes as soon as the lockdown has lifted. So, I have a standing invitation to have my own booth when everything gets settle.

During the latter part of February 2020, Uncle T, our spirit uncle, told me to tell Tolec to “GET OUT of FLORIDA NOW!”. He followed through with Uncle T’s instructions and came to Bandera, Texas. I secured a room for him at the local, Bandera, Buffalo Creek Lodge in between my family’s visit to help me set up my new home. Then, he temporarily settled into my new home in March as the C-19 created a lockdown within the states. So, he is safe and well.

February 25, 2020, I closed on the home and paid in full with my blessed inheritance. This home was my childhood dream that came true…a house on a hill by the lake. I am two blocks in safe distance from the shore of the lake but I am close enough to walk down to the lake in a few minutes.

March 3rd, 2020 is when I officially moved into my 2015 new home. It is peaceful and quiet here. I love my own home…Calm, quiet, and serene. Even my year-old kitty, Remi, loved the land surrounding my home and learned to be a huntress, stalking the birds, lizards and found treats to eat. Remi is a very calm, loving and gentle cat. She has never bite or nip anyone. The only thing that she did not like is to be picked up. She is very much an independent kitty.

We have seen exotic game, antelope, axis deer, white tail deer, squirrels, zebras, horses, eagles, hawks, turkey buzzards, magpies, cardinals and tatankas. Within minutes from my location, I traveled to visit the wine country and watched ive music band performance outdoors as well.

Because I paid attention to my spirit guides’ guidance without question, the perfect timing of my own life’s personal transitional move from the greater Houston area to a small, safe, gated community created for me the blessing of being safe and well to continue to do my Star Ancestry Earth Mission at hand. My “non-awaken family” did not understand my sudden, quick move to the hills except that they knew that I love the hills since a little girl. 

My spirit guides made sure that I was safe ahead of time before the chaos of the illness and the need for quarantine took place. Our spirit guides’ knew what will take place long before we do. When we trust our spirit guides without question, everything falls in place easily. It is only when we doubt that we get into trouble, so to speak. I learned from listening to my spirit guides’ suggestion over these years. Free will choice is always available to the Universal life forms including me. We learned as we go along in life. This, too, shall pass in time. Just know that you can move forward and go with the flow of life. It will always work out the way our lives are meant to be.

Now, I would like to say comforting words to my fellow Eartheans. There is always hope. Please remain calm in the middle of the storm so that you can think clearly and make sound decisions. Trust in your own spirit guides/angels/star people for they see the possible scenarios of the future more than we can on Earth. Our spirit guides can tell the approximate close time period to alert us, if we so choose to listen to them, of the upcoming events in life. Our spirit guides’ will make sure that we get to safe areas, if need be, and provide us with the necessary things that we need to make the journey. With the abundant of Universal supply that rains down on us, we will be supplied rather by monetary means and/or by humanity’s gift of sharing what they have with us. All we do is make our specific requests known to our assigned spirit guides and they will immediately move into action. Things manifest a lot quicker now because of the higher frequencies that are saturating Mother Earth now.

From our global learning experiences that came about by the C-19, we can make a difference in people’s lives. We can learn from our own strengths and improve our own emotional/mental positive reactions during this moment in time. We can do better in our own preparations for our future events so that we can share what we have with each other. This is a “Wake Up Call” for people to see the reality of the last 30 years of gifted global messengers that have brought you the future messages early enough so that you can absorb and get it, so to speak. You can do this! Let us find unity, harmony and most of all, love to all nations on this planet, Earth.

As our Native American brothers and sisters would say….

Mitakuya Oyasin! We are all related. We are One Oyate (People) of Earth.

Wodakota! Peace. 

Love is the Most Powerful Force in God/Goddess/Wakan Tanka’s Universe(s).

Love heals, forgives, blesses all lifeforms within their own past, present, and future lives in all dimensions, timelines and universes therein.


God/Goddess lives within us and not out of reach, so to speak. Reach deep in your own heart, then, you will find the beautiful white light of loving energies of God/Goddess.



April 19, 2020


Hi, Star Ancestry family!  

As I was guided by my spirit guides/star family guides to look into Youtube for my all time favorite song, You'll Never Walk Alone.  What I did not expect was the outpouring of love given to the people by various solo and choir singers during this time of global crisis regarding the C-19.  I was so moved to tears by the reaction of the people from all walks of life and belief systems who found a way to uplift humanity during this challenging time.  One Youtube video showed a gentleman, putting his head out of the second story window to sing within his tenor voice, "You'll Never Walk Alone" and encouraged his neighbors to sing from their doorway and window. Another Youtube video showed a group of medical staff standing in one side of the double doors and the medical staff that was busy on the other side of the double door in their hospital gowns, caps and masks.  The medical staff raised their arms and hands toward the double doors that separated them from the uniformed doctors and nurses with their masks on to sing, "You'll Never Walk Alone" together, waving at doctors, nurses and medical technicians who, then, waved back to them, singing along with them.

This is a very powerful way of raising the vibrations of humanity with love and light!

There are many medical and other essential people who cannot come home to their families.  I have two daughters who are ICU and Geriatric nurses, respectively.  One of my daughters is married that could not come home to her husband and children.  She had to stay at her sister's house to remain her distance from her loved ones in a different city.  As I am a mother and a grandmother, I do understand the sadness and the heartfelt tears of the people who cannot be with their loved ones right now.  We need to be strong for them and provide ways for them to remain in communication with their families through Skype and other means of communications.

Starman movie, the character of Scott, the Extraterrestrial, said, "Shall I tell you what I find beautiful about you? You are at your very best when things are worst."   This is a very enlightening true statement.  We have seen this reaction from humanity over the years during the natural disasters and other events that required assistance from all of us.  We become one global unified family of Earth during these times.

So, sing your favorite songs.  It does not matter if we are off-key like myself, smiling.  Everyone of us has our own built-in universal, unique code that resonate with the codes in the Universe.  Sing...raise...your voice in harmony with your own frequency.  The more you raise your frequency, the more you will feel such pure love and pure light.  We are One together, oyate (people) of Earth.  We are already part of the Galactic family.  We just need to acknowledge our true origins and begin our journey back to the stars.

  You'll Never Walk Alone

When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high
And don't be afraid of the dark

At the end of a storm
There's a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of a lark

Walk on through the wind
Walk on through the rain
Though your dreams be tossed and blown

Walk on, walk on
With hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone
You'll never walk alone

Walk on, walk on
With hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone
You'll never walk alone


My Pleiadean song was given to me by my Pleiadean guides in the 1987-1988 time frame.  I have kept this song dear to my heart for many years.  Here it is below:

Praise be to God, Our Creator

So Vodee Com Maydae Gomae!

Praise be to God, Our Creator!

Doh Vodee Com Maydae Gomae!

Praise be to God, Our Creator!

So Veedeyama Geda Domae Dovae Doh Mudekah!

For bringing us back together!



This photograph was taken 11 miles north of Bandera, Texas, USA.
       Beautiful picture of the Galactic family!
  Starseed Academy painting...artist unknown.