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*  First, Middle and Last Name
*  Gender
*  Date of Birth, Month & Year
*  Place of Birth
   [City or Town, State or Province, and Country]
*  City of Current Residence
Services provided by me.
** Please know, I was born hearing impaired.  I am still hearing impaired.  I need to wear hearing aids in order to hear people speak.   Therefore, it is far easier, and better from a record keeping standpoint, for me to communicate with you, and provide you with the details of your answer in writing...  rather than over the phone. **
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*  Name of Constellation location [as viewed from Earth]
*  Name of Home Star System
*  Name of Home Planet
*  Name of your Home Planet's race of People
*  Current Individual, Dimensional Vibratory Rate  [4D, 5D, 6D, etc.]
*  You complete name
*  Your physical description/appearance  [height, skin, hair & eye color]
*  Your Gender
*   Approximate date [in years] as to when your spirit essence first
    began incarnating on Planet Earth.

    Suggested donation amount for this written report:  $65.
note:   Be assured, I will keep in complete confidence all of the above information you share with me.

*  All of the details you see included in "Basic".    Plus -

*  Your current official status, if any.  And where the majority of your overall spirit essence, you soul, is located.

* Detailed description of your home planet & its current vibratory rate [name of your planet's moons & continents; inclusive of the continent where you were originally from.]

*  List of off planet family members and where they are located - inclusive of each member's current dimension, star system, planet and/or ship/biosphere designation.

    Suggested donation for this written report:  $165.
You have two choices, "Basic" -or- "Premium".   You can easily pay for each on the "Donations" page of this web site.
The below description is what you will receive from me in a .PDF file format.   It will be a complete written report with the following information,  regarding your star ancestry,  your  higher dimensional self's,  soul origin:
Star Ancestry Reports
Star Pendants

Due to a very special relationship with Dan Bugitti, from Minimbah, New South Wales, Australia, of GLASS PUNK STUDIO/HANDMADE GLASS BLOWN ART -

I am proud to present & offer custom design, hand blown StarAncestry pendants which are only available to each person purchasing a Basic and/or Premium StarAncestry report.

Each beautiful pendant is color matched to each individual's home star system of origin...  and is internally sprinkled with 'star dust'.

Should you wish to have a StarAncestry report,  star system matched,  Star Pendant,  or to simply take a look at the beautiful pieces Dan has created -  please click on the above, or below, Star Pendant page of this web site:
Earth Mission - Report

Similar in size and scope to the "Basic Report" ~ 

I will provide you with a detailed summary of the overall direction, next stage, and steps, of your life's mission here on planet Earth.  

The donation amount for this written report:  $65.
Due to an significantly high number of requests coming from you, both existing StarAncestry clients, and new people as well, both in the U.S & across the globe, I have decided to expand my spiritual telepathy practice.

If you're one of those people who received either of my StarAncestry reports, "Basic" or "Premium", I hope it had the kind of spiritual impact of truth in your heart that confirmed the feeling you've always had... that you ARE from the stars.  From a very specific place, and dimensional vibration, in the cosmos.  

For all of the materials that make up the totality of you ~ they too comprise the life force essence of all the galaxies, nebulas, stars and planets in the heavens.  YOU are literally an incredible, expansive, powerful being of love, intelligence and light.  

Further, over the past three (3) months I've received a high number of requests from many of you also asking about your particular “mission” ~  the core essence of the reason why you've come to this planet, to live on Earth. It's a question that seems to be burning inside all of us, especially at this time, as we seek to create a more fulfilling life than what our '3D' existence has provided us with so far.

Therefore, as of December 12, 2017, similar in size and scope to the "BasicStarAncestry report, I making available to those people who request one, an "Earth Mission Report at a the same rate as a Basic report.

I provide you with a detailed summary of the overall direction, next stage, and steps, of your life's mission here on planet Earth.  And I hope it will bring to you the same kind of excitement I am hearing about, from you, regarding your StarAncestry reports.

Many blessings to ALL of you as we are about to begin 2018, an incredible new year of change.
The above button is used ~ to pay for ~ your various Earth Mission, StarAncestry, Reports, and/or Star Pendants.
A New Offering ~ Earth Mission Reports
The First Step of the Process.

To best help you, to keep this process simple - I have two levels of written StarAncestry report service, "Basic"  and "Premium".  Each is thorough & complete.
From you.. IIncluding payment ~ **PLEASE GO TO THE DONATIONS PAGE FIRST** ~ here is all
the information I need from you, sent by you, to me, via e-mail, so that I can provide to you your complete Star Ancestry report: